I spent 4 days driving around Solano County, CA, photographing the landscape and the characters in this story. In the early 2020s, a mysterious company, Flannery and Associates, started buying up large portions of farmland between Rio Vista and Fairfield, near Travis Air Force Base. Residents and officials noticed and began to speculate; rumors circulated. Even the federal government wanted to know what was going on and began to investigate.

Writer Conor Dougherty got wind of it and started digging. He discovered that "the money behind Flannery and Associates was a who's who of Silicon Valley." As soon as Conor broke the story, Flannery disappeared, and California Forever emerged. The plan, hatched by Jan Sramek, was to build a new city from scratch on this land that would help solve the housing crisis of the Bay Area as well as address many other issues. In the initiation of this plan, California Forever has ruffled many feathers in the area and used aggressive tactics to get what it wanted.

Here is a link to the article and the Daily episode with Conor. It's a fascinating read.